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Monday:            7am – 10pm
Tuesday:           7am – 10pm
Wednesday:     7am – 10pm
Thursday:         7am – 10pm
Friday:              7am – 10pm
Saturday:         8am – 9pm
Sunday:            8am – 9pm

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Unit 2
95 Sandford Fleming Drive
Collingwood, Ontario
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Want to find us?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Swing makes it really easy to learn the game!  We have regular scheduled beginner programs that allow players to learn in a comfortable environment, working towards participation in regular programming. Swing is a great place to get started on your pickleball journey!  All you need are non marking shoes, workout or tennis clothes, and a readiness for fun!

At Swing, we have a custom hardcourt surface.  We recommend that you wear a court shoe with a non-marking sole.  We kindly request that you change your outdoor shoes in our lobby, and replace with your clean, indoor shoes  as our courts damage easily.

Swing has a full pro shop with professional quality paddles that are available to demo.  Balls are provided by Swing for all programming, tournaments or lessons however if you are planning for an individual court rental, you are required to provide your own ball. We don’t lend out our balls…well, would you??  We have lots of indoor and outdoor balls in stock for purchase.

Absolutely!! Swing has some members-only events, but a lot programs and play is open to all members and visitors!  Just SWING on in, and see what spots we have available for you!  Sorry, we can’t help that we’re so punny!

A rating is used to determine a player’s skill level, it can be used to help determine categories for play, tournaments and training.  Our Swing Academy coaches are available to book for you’re a rating session.  During your 20 minute session, we will also talk about your pickleball goals and discuss how you can achieve those goals!

Visitors are welcome to play but all of the good stuff comes with being a member.  

Yes! Who doesn’t love to shop!?!  Swing’s merchandise including a full line of paddles, protective eyewear, paddle grips, a complete run of mens and womens shoes, outdoor and indoor balls, paddle and travel bags as well as pickleball swag is available at the Pro Shop at Swing.

Yes, there are restrooms with showers and an area to change.  There is an additional change room for a quick change of clothing.

Did someone say snacks??  You’ll definitely find cold drinks and snacks available at Swing.

For now, we need everyone to check out our rear!  Yup, we said it.  During cold winter months, complete with salt and winter gear we decided it was best to send you around to the back of the building and use our back door.  Come on in, choose a hook for your gear and have a seat to change out your outdoor shoes and boots for your clean, indoor shoes.  Our courts are gorgeous, we ask that you help us keep salt and dirt under control!

Hardcourt is the term used to describe the type of material used to surface a court.  Other court surfaces include wood, rubber, grass, clay, and hartru, for example.  Swing’s hardcourt surface is custom designed for us, and is applied in surface layers.  Our high quality court materials are imported from the USA and are the official court surface for USA Pickleball, as well as the USPTA.  We expect you to notice how good our courts feel on your joints in comparison to playing on most other hardcourt surfaces.  

Does Swing have outdoor courts?

Trust us…once you play at Swing, you wont want to play anywhere else!!  At Swing, we elevate your playing expectations for pickleball play. There aren’t many sports where players are satisfied sharing a court surface with other sports or waiting for hours for a chance to play so why is it okay for pickleball?  Our courts are built with professional hardcourt surface layers, fully dedicated to the sport and our players enjoy scheduling their pickleball games and programs in advance, with reserved time slots.  And the vibe in here is pretty great too…

Open Play is a regularly scheduled, organized event where players can show up to play without a partner.  Players rotate in and out to mix & match with others of similar skill levels, creating a fun, dynamic, social environment!  Open Play sessions are scheduled each week to give players a chance to meet other players and experience Swing!  Online reservations are required.

We use Court Reserve for all of our weekly court schedules and reservations, as well as for our membership registrations.  We can provide instructions on how to access Court Reserve and create a free account.   All accounts can view the court bookings, however only members can view / edit / make court reservations online.

Want more information? Email us at and get connected with us.  

Parties are our faves!!  Swing is always available to rent for exclusive events.  Please contact us for pricing and further information.

Based on guidance provided by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Health Canada, we outline our requirements for protecting and promoting workplace health among employees,  members, and visitors below. The following are our required actions to protect everyone on Swing premises from a potential coronavirus infection:

  • Masks are required in the lobby area
  • Masks are required for non-players in areas around the courts.
  • Social distancing is required in lobby area and for non-players in areas around courts.
  • All individuals entering Swing are required to provide proof of vaccination status.
  • If you have cold symptoms, such as cough/sneezing/fever, or feel poorly, please do not enter Swing.
  • If you’ve been in close contact with someone infected by COVID-19, with high chances of being infected yourself, please cancel your reservation remotely and do not enter Swing.

Ready To Play?

Memberships from $54/mo

Thinking of really getting into pickleball? Are all of your friends playing and you’re missing out? Stop paying visitor fees to play at Swing Courts and join us as a member! Membership has its privileges. Not only do players save the visitor fees, but members enjoy discounted member rates for all Swing Academy programs, free ratings assessment, invites to special members-only events, access to our 14 day online court booking system, free play in any of our open play sessions offered for every skill level, and advanced tournament registrations. It’s an easy decision.

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